Google+ API crawler in Python and a few remarks to start with

We’ve started working on tools to crawl the newly released Google+ API. I got an e-mail notifying us of the availability of the API on September 16th. I think we’re the first ones to write third-party tools to download and cache some of the data.

I’ll post the database schema later when they’re more stable.

For now, the API is read-only, and we’re limited to a 1000 requests/day limit. Since it is a first release, I was keen on collecting, in case the terms would change.

The API is interestingly minimalistic: People, Activities and Comments are the three data types you can search, list and get. There are many other types of data, but they are attached to the aforementioned. For instance, a “People” can have several organisations, urls, placesLived and emails, although I don’t think the latter is available with the current version of the API.

As People are concerned, you may also get a hasApp (for the mobile app, we guess), languagesSpoken (an array of string) and even an intriguing currentLocation (Latitude/Maps integration, someone?). It’s interesting, but it’s also scary, from a user’s point of view, how much publicly accessible information there is.

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