The trouble with popular users…

Screenshot at 2011-11-17 09:47:06

At some point in our research project, it was a good idea to take all the users with more than a certain arbitrary large number of followers (say, 1000) and download their posts and analyze them. This doesn’t always seem to be the case anymore. Results are variable depending on the days.

We are set to release WeiboSphere, but will wait a little before pushing it. Right now, we’re taking every user with 1000 or more followers and get all their recent posts from the API. We aggregate and produce an unfiltered (at least not with a human filter) classification of the most popular posts by 24 hours, 48 hours, week, two weeks and one month.

Alas, in the last two days, all we’re seeing are female body parts, shoes and celebrities who returned to an incredibly thin size after a pregnancy.

The hope for now, until we improve the filters, is that we can see posts such as this one on an abducted girl in Guangzhou, posted yesterday morning.

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