List of all Sina Weibo users with 1000+ followers

I compiled an updated list of all users with 1000 or more followers on Sina Weibo:

The list is hosted on Google Fusion Tables. It is sorted by number of followers, but you could re-sort by whichever column. You may also filter and search. There are currently 108,341 users across the network with 1000+ followers.

Google+ in Greater China

This morning, I stumbled upon a website listing the users with the largest following (in circles) so far of Google+. Mark Zuckerberg is at the top, with some 35,000 now, followed by a series of top Google execs such as Larry and Sergey.

The Top 50 contains many American techies and celebrities, but also a sizeable complement of Chinese Internet notables. The highest ranked Chinese celebrity is a blogger and software engineer named William Long (月光博客) at #19. He is trailed by Valen Hsu (許茹芸), a Taiwanese singer, who are circled by 5,000 people so far, good for #20.

Screenshot-許茹芸 - Google+ - Google Chrome
Taiwanese singer Valen Hsu is 20th among the most circled users on Google+

Prominent blogger Hecaitou (和菜头) is currently at #33. Another Chinese blogger,, is #45. Dahui Feng, a well-known tech commentator, is #49.

In the meanwhile, reports of Google+’s death in China may have been greatly exaggerated.