Has Ai Weiwei been a popular topic on Sina Weibo?

According to this pic, it would seem so. But upon further inspection, only the first nine posts on this mosaic were made in May or after. Most came from early April when Ai was arrested at Beijing airport.

This is a search tool that we use to go through our weibo database, but only using posts with pictures attached to them. We had performance issues at adding new entries for two weeks due to the ongoing indexing. Nonetheless, the takehome message is that there were lots of posts in the days following the arrest, but not much since then. Since the archive is not up to date, there’s no indication whatsoever about the popularity of the topic now. (At least anecdotically, people have been talking about AWW on Weibo.)

(Note: I sampled a few AWW posts from the archive and when their actual page on weibo.com, you can’t find because they were presumably deleted.)

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