Gephi, like “Photoshop” for graphs

I stumbled across Gephi while browsing through the methodology used by Jonathan Stray, for a project he did at AP on Iraq and Afghanistan war logs.

Gephi is a tool developed primarily in France and co-sponsored by SciencesPo‘s m├ędialab a research center strongly inspired by MIT’s own Media Lab.

I tried it out today and it is surprisingly fast and seems to provide what we need to do graph analysis. I think the next step is to produce data that Gephi natively reads, which is GEXF, an XML format. The data is defined as nodes and edges, and the various plugins written for Gephi may help you layout the graph into something interesting for further analyses, and lets you annotate and do things like color nodes based on their respective distance from each other.

The screenshots and videos should help convince you of the usefulness of the tool for your organization. Since the program is written in Java, it is available in all platforms: Windows, Mac and even Linux.

Next step, read the manual

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