My Apple Wireless Keyboard can connect to my Google Nexus One

Apple Wireless Keyboard on a Nexus One
Photos by Doug Meigs (JMSC)

Using CyanogenMod (currently in version 6, RC2), I can now connect an Apple Wireless Keyboard to my Google Nexus One phone. This works “out of the box” with the new version of CyanogenMod’s add-on (without additional software like KeyPro or BlueInput) for Bluetooth HID by Erin Yueh of 0xlabs, a bunch of engineers based in Taiwan.

I must say that when I tested writing an e-mail in the Gmail app, I encountered a few bumps, like a hung key that would completely shift the page aside. Since I am just starting to learn this new way of interacting with devices (and which should keep urges to buy an iPad at bay), I will tell you more later on how it feels to have a bluetooth keyboard on the go.

Since I work in a journalism school, my next-desk colleague, who is a freelance reporter as well, immediately sees bluetooth keyboards and a smartphone as an extremely convenient and powerful combination to do (written word) news reporting while literally chasing after the story.

While exploring solutions to connect the keyboard, I also found out that some people managed not only to connect a keyboard (by USB) to their Nexus One phones, but also to use it to act as a host for desktop applications like Firefox to run (from the phone) on an external display.

(Also, the Apple wireless keyboard is another design beauty, for only HK$518 (US$68)…)

Apple Wireless Keyboard on a Nexus One

Apple Wireless Keyboard on a Nexus One

5 responses to “My Apple Wireless Keyboard can connect to my Google Nexus One”

  1. Lars says:

    How did you get the keyboard paired in the first place? Running Cyanogen 6.0.0 (stable), I see the keyboard if I go to Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> Bluetooth Settings, but when I attempt to pair with it the Droid prompts me for a four-character passkey…at which point I’m stuck. Thanks!

  2. zunda says:

    Thanks for the post! I tried on my ADP1 and worked as a charm 🙂

  3. Hey, I can pair and connect my Apple keyboard with my Nexus S running CM7. However, nothing happens afterwards, I type but nothing appears on my phone, what am i missing here? thanks

  4. marc says:

    @hossam Hammady. I’m still trying to figure out what’s happening too. Have you had any luck so far?

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