New computers

Meet lamma

…and cheklapkok.

New members to the JMSC computer family. The HP desktop (more like a deskunder) computer, lamma, is a regular HP computer serving as a server computer, while the Dell laptop, cheklapkok is my new workstation.

Once I got them both, I wiped Windows off and installed Ubuntu Linux. The laptop got a dual-boot of Windows 7 (which I still for stuff like testing the Google Earth plugin) and the latest stable version of Ubuntu (9.10 Karmic).

Now, the server got version Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04, which is still in alpha, but will eventually become Ubuntu’s next long term support version. I installed a bunch of geo libraries and applications from the ubuntugis repository, and gave it a webserver (Apache, for now) and a database package (postgresql — for postgis, mostly). I’ll be installing other packages as we progress.