What’s popular on Sina Weibo in Hong Kong

Screenshot-Sina Weibo in Hong Kong - Google Chrome

We’ve been working on a system that archives tweets from Sina Weibo (the biggest Twitter clone in China) users living in Hong Kong. We have been following close to 60,000 users and compiled the contents of their latest statuses, along with available metadata. This is a screenshot of the report page that we are building. For instance, you would be able to see what have been the most retweeted/reposted entries. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of the stuff being reposted is non-political, and rather focused on entertainment and memes (horoscope, lucky forwards, etc.).

One of the most esoteric posting, and most popular overall in the past two weeks, was a tweet on the NASA’s big big surprise announcement to be made last week. It turned out (just) to be that the NASA found the youngest black hole ever discovered in our vicinity. No big deal, but short of the end of the world that Chinese netizens were expecting, Hong Kong ones included.

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