Cédric Sam

Hong Kong // Montréal

I currently work at the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, sifting through data and creating interactive graphics. Previously, I worked at La Presse (2013), JMSC HKU (2010-2012) and CBC/Radio-Canada (2007-09). [Electric Rice Cooker Tumblr]
Electing the Chief Executive: Hong Kong’s political reform vote explained
Balance of superpowers -- Comparing the armed forces of US and China
China’s overseas investments
A mountain in the way of the third runway
The visual Hong Kong budget
Chasing ghosts: Where is China's next wave of empty 'new towns'?
Air pollution in China in 2014
Streets of Occupy
Tigers and Flies
Time-lapses of major protest sites in Hong Kong
Hong Kong 'gutter oil' map: Is your neighbourhood store on the list?
Occupy Central: for or against?
In the eye of the storm: Typhoons in Hong Kong
In the wake of MH17, aerial routes between Europe and Hong Kong between July 6 and 18
Men's tennis: How big are the Big Four?
The road to the Maracana
Voices from Tiananmen
Here comes the rain again: Hong Kong's rainfall patterns since 1997
Hong Kong Sevens
Deconstructing the Hong Kong Budget
In the long run: Visualising the Hong Kong Marathon results
Road to victory: the minutes played during the 2014 Australian Open
Symphony of scandal: the ICIJ report on China
Behind the sound bite
Carte du financement politique à Montréal
L'historique des bagarres dans la LNH
Visualising the history of the NHL draft
Eyeo Festival
Simulateur de la LNH
Overview of the Hong Kong budget in 2013-14
The Sina Weibo Crypt
Hong Kong Air Pollution Index Explorer
Central Committee
OpenLand Data Map
OpenLand Agricultural Land Use Changes Map
Party Leaders and Party Elders
NHL Finances
Quebec past electoral results and advance voting maps
Political financing in Quebec
Political financing in Quebec
Flux: Interactive Portals
Real-time Sina Weibo, China Meme Machine
China Media Map
Real-time maps for 2008 Quebec election
Real-time maps for 2008 Canadian election
Outil des teasers
Comme les Chinois
Spacing Montréal
Métro Boulot Resto


Questions? Drop me a line: cedricsam@gmail.com.